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  •  Zacken is an integrated group company, an R&D-oriented probiotics production enterprise, and also a high-tech research institution with a number of independent intellectual property rights in the field of microbiology. 
     Main products involved in human health, animal health&nutrition, sustainable agriculture and eco-environment protection. 

    ---Extensive probiotics strains (eg.:Bacillus Coagulans, as a stable and functional food ingredient, also optimal probiotics in feed pelleting and high heat resistant fermenting products.)

    -Probiotics premix powder

    -Functional probiotics for ruminants, swine, poultry, aquaculture, and pets' health and nutrition.

    -Feedstuffs starter

    -Silage starter

    -Chinese herbal medicine fermenting starter

    -Microbial detoxifier

    -Microbial deodorizer

    -High temperature-resistant fermenting agent

    -Animal manure decomposing agent

    -Black and odor waterwaste treatment

    -Probiotics for Plant health, soil conditing...and so on.


  • Company:
  • Henan Zacken Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

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  • China/henan/zhengzhou

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  • 1-49

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  • Manufacturer,Trade Company

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  • probiotics,bacillus coagulans,lactobacillus planarum,rumen health,swine probiotics,poultry probiotics,pets probiotics,aquatic probiotics,silage starter,fermenting starter,microbial detoxifier and odor